Frontline Ultrasound is a portable service that provides a convenient diagnostic ultrasound, with a radiologist report. This is a portable service that operates out of clinics, doctors offices , assisted living facilites, and skilled nursing facilities. The vision of Frontline Ultrasound is for ultrasound exams to be integrated into most screening exams for patients, in and out of the clinical setting The mission is to provide exceptional, efficient and economical ultrasounds for everyone.

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Frontline ultrasound was created to provide a convenient diagnostic ultrasound with a radiologist interpretation in a timely manner. This is a portable service that operates out of clinics, doctors offices, and homes. This service reduces the extended wait time for ultrasound appointments and radiology reports.

A licensed technician will arrive at the designated medical facility, doctors office or your home with a portable ultrasound machine and associated equipment. Upon a doctor’s written request, they will provide a diagnostic ultrasound and preliminary radiologist report. The final report is provided in 48-72 hours, based on patient volume.

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What you should Know
Frontline Ultrasound

  • All Ultrasound Technicians have a current
    license in OB/GYN , Abdominal and Vascular
  • All Ultrasound Technicians have a minimum
    of 5 years experience
  • All Ultrasound Exams performed follow the
    American Institute of Ultrasound in
    Medicine (AIUM) guidelines
  • Radiologist are American College of
    Radiology Accredited
  • All patient information is handled in
    accordance with the Health Insurance
    Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
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